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The Basics of The SUNEYE Method

Author: Joe Russa    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 1999

Taken with author's approval from his wonderful site, "SUNEYE - The Ultimate Out-of-Body and Lucid Dream Guide" (

What is the SUNEYE Method? Well, to understand the SUNEYE Method, you have to know a little about what causes a lucid dream and astral projection.

Lucid dreams and astral projections are caused by three factors. They are:

?# Desire

?# Technique

?# Environment

Once these factors are present, inducing a lucid dream and astral projection becomes natural. Natural you say? Yes, lucid dreams and astral projections are very much a natural phenomenon, much like sleep is. Well, if that was the case, how come I never experienced them? The answer to that question is that, you have already experienced them every night, more or less. You see, you dream and astral project every night (even though scientist have not been able to prove this). You are just not aware that these things are occurring to you, and becoming aware is the key. And how do you become aware of lucid dreaming and astral projecting? By practicing the three factors above.

Let me explain each of the factors and show how it affects our ability to have lucid dreams and astral projections.

?* Desire - Well this one is self-explanatory, or is it? I know people that are really obsessed with the idea of having a lucid dream or astral projection. The problem is that it does not come through in the technique that they use. One way of expressing your desire is through affirmations and visualizations; not just anything written up. The affirmations and visualizations must express your desire in order for it to become effective.

?* Technique - The technique or method you use has to be thoroughly analyzed and tested. I have seen a lot of techniques that are based on theory. They are published in books, and eventually, accepted by practitioners, even though, they never work. The consequence is people believing that they will never be able to have an astral projection or lucid dream because the techniques did not work for them. When the fact is, the technique was based on theory and never tested for its effectiveness.

In order for a technique to induce astral projections and lucid dreams, the person that created the technique has to really understand how astral projections and lucid dreams occur.

?* Environment - This is the most important factor, and also, the factor that is mostly disregarded. What do I mean by environment? People will automatically think about climate temperature or body position. What I mean by environment is the state your mind and body must be in order for astral projection and lucid dreams to occur.

People think that by doing a technique, it will get them to astral project or lucid dream, not at all. Your mind and body must be in a state that is conducive to astral projections and lucid dreams.

After all of the techniques that I have tried, I have found that in order for you to have an easy and natural lucid dream or astral projection, your mind must be alert, but your body must be deeply asleep. This is the reason people have turned to deep relaxation techniques or PMR. They thinking that it will help their bodies get deeply asleep.

The problem with these techniques is that, even though your body might become deeply asleep, your mind will end up falling asleep with it. For the few that have been able to keep their minds awake while their bodies fell asleep, reports that, astral projections and lucid dreams are usually very blurry, confusing and uncontrollable.

What makes it even worst, the experience usually lasts a few seconds. Why? Because, even though you manage to keep your mind alert, it still wants to fall deeply asleep and you will have to triple your concentration to stay in control.

In order for you to have astral projections and lucid dreams, the technique or method that you use must have all of the three factors mentioned. Most only contain one and, a very few, contain two. The SUNEYE Method contains all 3 factors. That is why the SUNEYE Method has such a high success rate; most of the people that have tried the method reports positive results the first time they try it.

To learn the SUNEYE Method and many more reports on Joe Russa's research and training, click here:

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #20

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