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Higher Beings

Author: Pamela    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 17, 2000

Dream of higher beings:

I was in this dimension and I was trying to rescue this little girl out of this evil house. As I was taking her out of the house she was kind of fighting me, because she didn't understand. I was trying to put her to safety. All of a sudden this demon-like thing started coming after me out from the house. You should have seen it, it was the ugliest thing I ever seen, it had its hands out as if reaching for the girl and it was moving at great speed (faster than me!) I could have dropped the girl and ran, but I was determined to save her. It seemed very angry.

I was running I saw suddenly appearing out of nowhere to my left and up ahead, a white round-like vehicle. And I noticed three men were getting out of it. Very calmly so. I ran right pass them and the older of the three stepped right in front of this demon-like thing. And he put his right hand up in the air. No words were said between the man and the evil thing that I could hear. I had stopped running and turned around to see this. This evil thing was crouching down in fear before this man. It then turned around and went back into the house.

The other man motioned for me to get in the vehicle and the third man took care of the little girl.

The vehicle was small, like a car, with front and back seats. But here is the strangest thing, we were inside this vehicle and it had lots of viewing space. And I noticed the strangest thing - WE WERE NOT MOVING. Everything was moving and changing around us. It was so strange.

I leaned forward in the seat. These people had not said one word to me as of yet. And I noticed the little wing imprint on the shoulder. They all had white hair and blue eyes and white robes with this little blue cape-like thing over the robe. They had a wonderful feeling about them and I really wanted to stay with them. I wanted to reach up and touch the little wing imprint on the guy's shoulder because the material looked so soft, but there was a holiness about them, a cleanness, a high moral standard type of intelligence, very wise, very hard to describe. They had a very deep peace about them that made you feel very comfortable.

I finally wondered greatly who they were and asked the guy in front of me, "Who are you, guys?"

I hardly heard the answer because at the same time he was speaking something was happening outside the viewing window. "We are the holy angels of God..."

That was all I heard. And then there was this bright flash of white light (like it happens in my other dreams, it was the SAME white light), and I could not see anything around me, but white light, I couldn't even see them. The bright flash of white light filled everything up and it was all you could see. And then I heard singing up to my right, and then I blacked out and woke up on my bed.

It just didn't seem like a dream at all. I had the same dizzy type feeling when I woke up.


Higher Beings

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #45

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