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Beyond the Known

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

Beyond the Known is a section in the site that will explore the unknown and the mystical view of the nature.

In this section you will discover our experiences with the paranormal in nature, suggestions, and last but not the least... your own personal experiences with the subject.

Contact us by e-mail or via ICQ, tell us your experiences and we will do our best to publish it and discover what's beyond the known...

"See, hear, feel, discover..."

The Desert

The Forest

The Sea

What goes in your mind when you cross a desert?

An empty place? Nothing here but sand? Too hot and nothing useful in it? Or is it a strange feeling you feel, a feeling of curiosity? A feeling you know can't be wrong, but also doesn't make any sense, a feeling that says: "There's more here!"

It's true, the desert has a lot to offer, it is warm, it is full with every day changing energies from the sun and from the sand, and we can't forget the magical wind all across the desert.

When I first began the process with Aldarow (which later was known as Project X), the desert wasn't one of the options I chose to go to, I never even knew of its existence.

All the process took place in different places, but not in the desert, until we decided to go there.

Aldarow lives not so far from desert, we went that day to explore it, it was one of those feelings saying: "There's more here."

There was more, as we left the city and stepped into the desert, the feeling was even stronger, no houses, no traffic, no shouting and noise, no pollution ... just a desert, warm sand, the magical wind as it sings in your ears, and a feeling this was a different place, a place with different energies than the big city, a place that got his energies straight from the sun, hit the sand and stayed there. The feeling as we walked on that warm sand was a feeling that is hard to describe, a feeling you found something you always wanted to. We felt more powerful, filled with new energies every second that passed, and more than that, a feeling there is something there, in the far desert that is waiting to be discovered ... so we decided to discover what's beyond the known in this desert.

Two weeks after our decision we went to discover the unknown (Aldarow, me and Rami), we followed our feelings. We went and circled the place a bit, than we kept on going south, marching in the warm sand, we felt it was hard, we though it was impossible, but we didn't stop, we felt powerless and felt the sun on our backs, it was hard, but it proved right later. We saw things we didn't believe we would see, we saw old things, very old, things that maybe lost 10-15 years ago, things that showed we were on our way, the strange thing was that as we went on south the desert, the more we saw older and older things, but the unknown was still there, in the desert.

We couldn't go further, we were all out of strength, so we returned to the city, the next day we felt better, we felt we achieved something from the desert, we achieved some of his energies, and we felt good, still ... it wasn't over.

Two months after the search for the unknown, we went to discover the unknown again, now only Aldarow and I went.

We began walking south, some of the things we saw two months before were gone, but there were also new things there, old also.

We went further and further, we could because we had the strength and the will. We watched the crows that flew above us and sometimes followed them, we discovered more of the unknown, we discovered the power of the desert and its pure energies, still, I know there is more there, and it is waiting to be discovered...

The desert has much to offer, we now know it and now would you. Here is some of our suggestions to experience the paranormal and discover Beyond the Known in the desert:

1) Meditate in the desert, the warm feeling, the sand, it is all helping for the complete relaxation, plus there is the magical wind whispering in your ears.

2) Go and see the desert once in a while, examine what is different from the last time you were there, feel the energies of the desert and try to hear the crows, the wind, concentrate, you will find it all relaxing,  you might hear something that is supernatural, we did.

More suggestions to come, check this section and the site once in two weeks.

The second part of beyond the known is the forest, the green forest, trees all over, green grass, a magical smell of the nature and the sound of the birds in the ears, all peaceful, quiet, relaxing.

But there is more beyond...

The forest is really magical in its green color, in his peace and quiet, but there is more in the forest that isn't always seen, the feeling the forest gives us, it is a different feeling from everything, it gives us the one moment that we are standing there, in that forest his peace and quiet to ourselves, to our souls.

If we listen carefully, look around, wash our minds from everything else, then the forest will share his pure energies with us, and we could feel this peace, these energies inside of us, energies that will continue to grow every time we visit the forest, hear the sound of the wind in the leaves, the birds, the silence, see the green color all around us, and then we could feel the forest's energies all around us and more than that, inside ourselves, clean our mind and soul and start all over with fresh, new, pure energies that later will grow with the time.

Our suggestions:

You will discover new things in the forest, new energies and you will feel more powerful and more strong in mind.

Look around you, even if there is not a forest near you, look for places with green trees, places with living trees and grass, you will see that as you walk through that green place you will feel differently, you will feel the energies around the trees, around the grass, around that live place, and later to become... around yourself.

My personal suggestion is: walk into that green place, into the "forest", stand in the middle of it, look around, see where everything is standing, than take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax, you will see different things in your mind, and you might feel the energies from outside on your own skin.

If you can, meditate in that same place you were earlier and took the deep breaths, the feeling after the meditation will be 100% different from what it was before... after that, the energies will grow. (It is important that the place will have trees, green and big trees, they are the ones with the most powerful energies).

I wish you all luck, peace and quiet and remember:

If you had any experience in the nature, felt something, saw, or just enjoyed of what it has to offer, anything you wish to publish will be published in our site under The Newsletter.

There are many things out there waiting to be discovered.

One of my favorite places is the sea.

The sounds of the waves all around make you wonder why haven't you done it before, make you want to just leave everything, everyone, sit here, relax, watch the blue color of the water, the mystics in the sounds of the waves in your mind, and the power of the sea in your soul, what could be better?

I live near the sea, for me to get to the sea is only to cross the road and that's it, a minute later and my legs are already in the sand, my eyes watching the blue, clear water, and my mind long somewhere else, and it doesn't matter, it really doesn't, because the sea will make everything better, will fix all, will make me feel the way I want to feel, how?

Try this?

Go to the sea, feel how the sand is beneath you, how it touches your legs, watch the water, sit down on that sand, keep watching the water, the waves breaking down on the ground, it has a magical sound, you could notice it if you close your eyes and concentrate, do it, keep your eyes close and listen carefully, very carefully, clean your mind completely from everything and think of nothing, only the waves in your mind, the water, the sea. You'll notice that after a while, when you are listening, all kinds of pictures and associations would pop up, that moment is the moment you caused your subconsciousness to be aware to the position you are into.

The sea is a very good place to become relaxed and make the body come to a position of complete relaxation, and in this position you become aware to your subconscious, and the sounds in your minds besides the waves, the pictures in your mind are all a part of you, and what is new, what is different called "cosmic messages".

Now you achieved your goals:

You are relaxed.

You have discovered a whole new world for you spiritual development.

You became aware to the messages and knowledge inside you, the deep treasure inside you, called the subconscious.

You are full with new energies, form the sea, the sand, the air, you have cleared your mind and as well your body.

And last but not least? your answers have been answered, even if you are aware of it at the moment, while being in that state? which is a self meditation, you received the answers for you questions from your subconscious.

Now, after waking up from the state you've been in, watch the sea for another three to four minutes, clear your mind again (it is fueled with the answers to your questions) and just watch the sea, hear the sounds of the water, the waves, just like you left them before entering that self meditation state, and think of nothing, just be happy, happy for all you have achieved and have discovered, now, you'll know what to do next time you'll have an important question, or when you'll just want to relax and escape everything around? go to the sea.

The best time to do so is around afternoon until the sun goes down, when the colors of the sky become yellow, orange, red, blue. It helps being more relaxed and feeling the mystics around.

If you are near the sea in that time, let the sun wash you with its heat, with its energies, it helps the whole process as well, and if you are not wishing to enter the meditation, it's also good for the body and especially for the soul, new energies is your new power.

Good luck, everybody, and may all your prayers and questions be answered.

"See, hear, feel, discover..."

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