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The Beginning: 1995-1999

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

The Beginning

Hello, and welcome to The Beginning...

It was another ordinary evening, back in 1995, when I came to visit Aldarow, no more than that, but since that evening, we became more than just cousins, we became good frpiends, and we opened the gate to the paranormal...

I don't remember the date, we didn't write it down, but that evening was a different one, Aldarow just finished reading a guidance book for hypnosis and he asked me if I'm willing to be hypnotized by him. I was amazed but very scared... Hypnosis? Me? Isn't it dangerous?

He explained me everything I needed to know back then, Aldarow took his first steps into the paranormal when to me it was something I only heard about but knew nothing of.

I guess it was about 9 to 10 P.M. when we started the hypnosis, Aldarow read instructions to me, guided me for the first time into the unknown, I was with my eyes closed, trying to relax, still I was scared and knew nothing that was about to happen... didn't know that as of that moment we had opened the gate to the paranormal that will lead to the becoming of Project X...

Now, sit back and relax... we are about to begin a journey, a journey started in 1995 and still existing... with your help we will make the unknown to a part of our lives...

I hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer, pass the knowledge on, and here we go... from 1995 to...

The First Time

Date: A night in April

Year: 1995

Relaxed, eyes closed, sitting on Aldarow's couch, I was in a state of hypnosis, I was aware to the present, to the noise that was coming from the living room, where Aldarow's parents were sharing jokes with my parents... but the amazing thing was: I was aware to something new, different, and above all, it was friendly and relaxing, it was real and it happened to me, I didn't know what it was, amazed, I kept being aware to what was happening not in present, but in my own mind and soul, and I saw things, and it was real!

Eyes closed, ears opened to everything around, everywhere, I saw many colors passing by me, I felt I was passing with my mind in a tunnel, and both sides were covered with photos and different colors, images, maybe they were from my life and maybe not, I didn't saw well, I was too amazed to understand it all. Still in the state of meditation, after about ten minutes everything was clear. I was pass the tunnel and now I was standing in a big, green forest, a blooming forest, in front of me was a house, a white house, on the ground, with steps to the entrance door, grass all around the house, and inside I could see a woman, a young woman, blond hair, and she wore a white dress, in her hands was a baby, all covered up with his clothes, it seemed she tried to put him to sleep or relax him a little. After another ten minutes the woman was gone, she went into the forest with her baby. The house was empty, so I entered it, everything was clean and shining, and most was made of wood. There was a mirror right next to a shelf inside that house, I went and stood in front of it. I think I saw myself there, I was wearing a blue attire that was from the 17th or 18th century, I assumed I was living my past life, and looking at myself.

From there I went out of the house and went down the forest in the direction the woman walked. Far away I saw a big castle, a black one, and... big! I felt I could walk faster, because it was a walk that took place in my mind (or not). I walked my way faster and then entered the castle. Everything was dark and it wasn't the kind of castle I was expecting to see, I thought maybe this is France, or England, somewhere in the 17th or 18th century. What I was facing was a big cell, closed with wood and steel, and it was scary. There were another two ways to go: left, where there was light, and right, where it was dark and a closed door. I took the left turn and saw the king of the castle, and the woman with the baby, she was screaming in pain and crying, her baby was dead and it was the king's order to kill him. I ran toward the king and hit him in the face. The next thing I recall is that I was lying on the ground, on the floor and there was nowhere to go. I was locked inside that big cell I faced earlier, me and the woman, she was holding her dead baby, still crying in pain and hugging him. I think I saw the baby's spirit come out of his body, floating around in the air, inside that cell and before I said anything, the gate that closed the cell was open, the big cell that was made out of wood and steel was open.

I don't know where the woman went, but I know that I was running my way back to where the woman's house was. I got to that house, it was empty, I had a strange feeling I should be here. Around the house, to the left of it, there was a lake, and around the lake were rocks. I stood next to the lake and then everything was blank, and black. A couple of seconds later I felt I was floating in the air, free, like a big balloon, and then I saw my body, lying on the ground next to the lake, the body's head was bleeding, and a big rock besides that body. I understood that the guy was dead (maybe it was me) and I'm the spirit... I went up and...

My eyes were open... I was out of the hypnosis, the hypnosis which took an hour and fifteen minutes... the first hypnosis. I told Aldarow everything, and from there... we continued...

Time For More

Date: A week later

Year: 1995

After the discovery of the first time, and the first time ever to encounter a strong experience as this was, Aldarow and I continued to explore whatever that was on our way.

Again, I was hypnotized, Aldarow guided me and helped all the time... and again... I saw the colors, the images, felt electricity all over my body, only this time it was faster than the first time and the tunnel was over quick. I was now facing a different place, maybe another lifetime, maybe not... but as far as I knew it, it was real and none of it was imagination. I was in some kind of an island, a tropical island, surrounded by strange and exotic creatures. Trees everywhere, sun, it was heaven and a place I couldn't identify. I think I had a mustache, a black hair, and I was about 30-40 years old. Only it wasn't me (I think), because I could see myself from the side... but let's not forget that I was in the state of hypnosis, so I could travel from one place to the other. I saw a boat down in the sea, it was a white boat, like a racing boat, and on it was written: John Fermenson.

As I understood and felt, that was the man's boat, he was a scientist that was exploring that island. I don't want to jump into conclusions, but a quick thought I had in mind was that maybe this was the great lost Atlantis.

After that, the man was shot, someone shot him with a gun and he fell off a high cliff into the sea... clearly he was dead... and I was out of the hypnosis, but not because he died and it took me off, but because I felt I've accomplished enough, and knew what I wanted to know. I was out and back in present, told Aldarow everything, and we started analyzing it all.

The Temple

Date: The 1st of June

Year: 1996

After a couple of months we took a long break. Everyone went to his own way, trying to understand it, so the rest of 1995 was the time in which everyone gathered powers and will for himself to continue, it was a year to think it all over, followed with great and important cosmic messages...

The first of June 1996, we were back in Aldarow's room, the hypnosis was about to take place. We didn't know what to expect, we wanted something else, more powerful, not something that after 30 minutes was gone, something we could come up with answers, and maybe new questions... someone or something that could answer our questions.

No tunnel this time, no colors, nor images... a year had passed and I had the feeling I lost my powers and that it's hopeless, but I tried anyway. After ten minutes of nothing visual, I saw something clear, I saw light. It was night, not a sound around, nothing, I was standing on the ground, it was rocks, dirt, and sand. Besides me were trees, not very high, young trees, it seemed I was standing on a road, made of the dirt and sand. The light was coming out of a strange lantern, there was light inside, something inside it that produced light and it was going in circles, like a small projector. I think there were a couple of those near that road, I went forward, where the road led me. There was a turn left, but it was closed with a steal gate, a small gate, I could pass it but thought there was a reason why this way was closed. I turned right and kept going, it was very dark in that night, what I did know is that it was another island, but a different one, I drew the image of the island on a paper and when I came out of the trance, Aldarow and I looked for that island in the book of maps (atlas). The amazing thing was that we actually found a similar island to this one next to Great Britain (Arran Island), we were shocked by the similarity and decided to return to the island, decided to continue the hypnosis.

I've entered the meditation again, Aldarow as a guide, and I was back to the same place I've left... the exact same place. I turned the right way, walked a little down that small forest that the trees by the road made, and in front of me was a big temple, big and old, but open. Before I could enter the temple I needed to pass a big steel gate that was open. I kept walking and entered the Temple.

End of the road

Date: June The 8th

Year: 1996

Right after the Temple, Aldarow and I felt we've achieved something, it was the kind of things we wanted to explore in the hypnosis, scrolls, many cosmic messages, while the most important one we got on this hypnosis.

We decided to get back to the temple, and so we did, only this time the temple was a bit different from the last time we've been inside it. There was a ladder in the temple now, it led to the attic, I went to the ladder and climbed up. When I got to the attic (it was dark, small, and nothing much in it), I felt someone trying to tell me something, and it was a cosmic message, the important one. It said that whoever is in now at the temple has passed the first stage, and is now entering stage two. (I know it sounds as if was taken out of a game, but these were the first stages, the early years of development, the basis).

I saw a white light that was growing and soon there would be nothing but a white light, I couldn't reach it, but the message was understood, we decided that it was all for the day... that was the end of stage one as told to us.

Stage two

Date: June the 15th

Year: 1996

Under hypnosis, and the temple in front of me again, we understood there is more to come with the temple and that was the second stage.

I saw the lights that came out near the road that led to the temple. Suddenly, another message had come to me, "The light represents your positive side, do not get closer to the evil man. Doubt his actions."

After writing the message down on the paper, Aldarow read it, but there were more messages, "Aldarow will be hypnotized by you [me - Rinor], but the hypnotic state may lead to nothing with Aldarow, therefore he will be guided in the old way, the way of dreams and understanding."

We understood that Aldarow's ways are his dreams and the power of understanding things the right way. The cosmic messages Aldarow will receive are from his dreams.

An angel

Date: June the 22nd

Year: 1996

I've encountered an angel, who showed me my early childhood, the place I used to go, called kindergarten, the garden itself, and said that this way I'll understand myself more clearly.

Another message I received was to come to conclusions by our own means, by thinking the situation over, that was the first "step", the second is analyzing our dreams correctly, and connect the dream to the hypnosis, what happens in the hypnosis should be connected to the dream, the dream will complete the hypnosis and will have new messages in it.

Aldarow needed to dream about a temple, inside there would be a woman, she would lead him in different times, and symbols will get meanings there, after that we'll continue to the next "step".

The Next "Step"

Date: July the 4th

Year: 1996

Aldarow dreamt a few days before the 4th of July a dream, where he faced a different world, a world that belonged to his past, he was in his home town, he saw a sign there and came to an astrologer, who told him something important, something Aldarow would find out and would face in the future... Aldarow didn't pay him 88 NIS he had to... (NIS = New Israeli Shekels)

When I entered the hypnosis, it was clear that one of the reasons we were here (at that stage) was because Aldarow didn't pay the astrologer in his dreams, we understood that his dreams and symbols are connected with my hypnosis and symbols, and that was a positive thing... but we didn't know what the price Aldarow needed to pay to the astrologer meant... or why he didn't pay him...

In this hypnosis I faced the same temple as before, but this time it was better built, better organized, and we knew what it symbolized, our progress and new things to be discovered here.

A Pagoda

Date: July the 12th

Year: 1996

At friday, July the 12th, we had another hypnosis, as we continued deeper to discover and understand more that was ahead of us.

At 5 P.M. I entered the hypnosis, and faced the same temple. (Our intention now was to return to the temple and see what had changed, and proceed from there.)

The temple was even different now... because what I faced now was a Pagoda. We understood that the changes of the temple each time may symbolize the change of time or era... but we also understood these changes were on purpose, and it showed that we were progressing forward.

A cry for help

Date: July the 14th

Year: 1996

The same way, that was our intention, enter the hypnosis and face the temple or pagoda, see and discover what had changed. This time we had a tape recorder, so the process was easier and would take less time writing the things I saw, so I could concentrate on the view, and sounds around... Aldarow was there to help.

We didn't achieve a thing... I couldn't enter the hypnosis now, it wasn't as easy as always, although I knew I controlled it and entering the state wasn't new to me now, something blocked me... it was the strangest thing.

But... I did saw something, someone. It was a kid who had some kind of instrument that helped him to hear. When I asked what that thing was, I was told to listen.... at that same moment I thought that if I push the play button on the tape recorder I would hear something, something that was not the tape.

This hypnosis was our cry for help, or maybe just mine, because Aldarow kept dreaming and that filled the empty spot, we couldn't stop, we didn't want to, I felt it was time to call to someone to guide us, because it was getting harder each time we tried and discovered more, as if it was a test...

Part two

Date: July the 16th

Year: 1996

Part two of the situation, two days later.

Again, as the last hypnosis, it was difficult for me to enter the hypnosis... I pictured myself the gate before the temple, but couldn't get in, it opened and closed as if it was possessed by a higher force.

I assumed that I've done my part in the hypnosis, it was Aldarow's time now to fill the blank, with his dreams. (No, it's not a role playing game... the combination between the dreams and the hypnosis was important and one thing helped to understand what the other meant, and after analyzing all the possible answers to the situations, we moved on to a different day...)

Entering the Pagoda

Date: July the 20th

Year: 1996

It was hard to see the Pagoda clearly, and when I tried to look at the center of the building, I saw instead the back of a person, but in an X-ray view... the inside of the person's spine.

After entering the pagoda everything become clearly, the whole pagoda was made out of gold, (the inside of it), on the ceiling was a lamp and it was covered with red clothes.

There was also a gold statue, a Buddha statue, sitting in the form of meditation. That was the first time I actually discovered the meditation and embraced it into my life.


Date: July the 26th

Year: 1996

Aldarow and I gathered in my house... it was time to explore the pagoda, if it was possible.

Aldarow counted forward from 0 to 15, as I asked him to, because I had troubles concentrating on the pagoda. After seeing the pagoda in my mind I walked not inside it, but to the sides of it, there were windows, so I thought I'll take a look inside from the outside, see how it feels like.

There was a lot of light inside the pagoda and I saw everything from the outside thanks to that great light.

After entering the pagoda, I saw the exact things like before, only this time there were other things, objects that symbolized a lot, it was new, but it was there.

1) The circle of purity and evil.

2) Pagoda that was rising up from the ground towards the sky. (Maybe an alien visit or takeover.)

3) A huge container made out of gold, in the top of it was a key that opened it. (This symbol is not yet analyzed.)

We felt the meaning of the objects we had discovered was clear to us, except the gold container.

I managed to open the container with the key that was on the top of it, and it appeared also that the circle of purity and evil was attached to it. This symbol contained inside the circle a black fluid, at this period it was in the middle, the black fluid symbolized the amount of evil in the world... or somewhere else.

I couldn't see what was inside the container, and after I stepped out of the pagoda, it was no longer attached to the ground, but just like was on the second symbol I sew, the pagoda was now out of earth and in space. What was left on the ground was a steel plate that said: "The pagoda of 2012".

The pagoda returns

Date: July the 27th

Year: 1996

I was able to see the pagoda again, it was the same one that I saw rising to space... only now it was attached to the ground. Many faces came to my mind, many people, one after the other.

I could hear some sound, a music, singing, there was some kind of a ritual now, performed in the pagoda area, the people who sang and performed the ritual were an old man, a woman and two children, a boy and a girl. I could notice also that there were 11-13 candles there... organized.

We would find out more later... that's what we thought.

More faces

Date: August the 3rd

Year: 1996

The same day, Aldarow slept at my place, and he had a powerful dream and message in it, of extremely negative/evil nature.

We decided that it was time again to perform the hypnosis, so it took place at my place. I felt weak when I entered the hypnosis, I felt as if someone had taken all the powers and energies away from me, felt the spirits in the room took all my energies away from me, from my body, and I was weak.

I saw again many faces, as if flying towards me, getting closer and closer, everything around was burning, there was fire everywhere, I thought maybe this has something to do with hell itself...

After all the faces, there was a statue symbol I saw, a face of an Inca statue... I felt that it wanted to hurt me, I grabbed it and hit it on the wall. Another reason I hit it was that I felt there was a spirit that was watching me from beneath me... I was weak and couldn't hold my head straight.

A new member

Date: August the 29th

Year: 1996

After a long break we took to regain our powers and energies, and to rest a little after the pressure we continued on the 29th of August.

It was 3:35 PM when we started the hypnosis, and after such a long time we didn't know what to expect.

I saw a new face, but this time I knew who it was, and I also received the message that he is connected to us, to the Project. It was Rami, our relative, later I saw the pagoda again and there were two guys there, they shot another guy and killed him, I don't know how this has something to do with the pagoda... but we've noticed that the events in the pagoda were progressing toward that time.

A message

Date: September the 7th

Year: 1996

I saw Rami walking towards school, only he couldn't get there, he kept on bumping against the street lights and fall on his back, after about ten tries (non-successful) he crawled underneath the street light, on his back and went on... that was the obstacle in his way, and it was now beyond him... but that was also a message to us, a message to be understood later on...

Ancient Greece... or is it Rome?

Date: September the 22nd

Year: 1996

That day I saw something different, the sun was at the East, and in front of me were ruins; I stood in the ruins of some town, some town from the past that was no longer here, the ruins of a town in Greece, or is it Rome?

The ruins also indicated that there was once a temple in the place, in that town, but the minute I saw and understood there was a temple there before, and realized where I was, I thought that it was the world of Rami, not mine, his world, this was wrong.

"What are you doing here?"

Date: September the 23rd

Year: 1996

I woke up that morning and entered my hypnosis, again, as always, now I saw the pagoda, a library, scrolls written in English,

and then the voice of Rami, asking me what am I doing there...

The same morning I entered my hypnosis again, and I tried to see what else I missed there.

The pagoda was there, the same books, but this time I climbed to the attic of the temple, and there in the attic stood Rami, on my way to the attic I passed other floors and got the message that floors four and five were the floors of the spirits, or the higher entities.

Later on I saw myself sitting on a chair, and in front of me a white sheet, and there, behind the sheet a noise was heard, I don't know what that noise was.

Hide and seek

Date: October the 3rd

Year: 1996

Today was no hypnosis, today I experienced something scary and one I could not control at all...

I was in my room watching television when I turned around and saw a black shadow on the wall, the shape on a human, I froze on my place, no one was there to create that shadow, and I couldn't move, was paralyzed.

The shadow began to move on the wall to the dark side of the wall that received no light and as it hid itself there, I saw it no more.

An order from the high society

Date: October the 9th

Year: 1996

The temple that I saw, the temple that became the pagoda, was now a big castle, a British castle.

I went to the yard, there were servants that worked and cleaned the place. To the right was the library with its books, I took the white-yellow book out of its place. To the left was a red book, but there was a maid that held the book, seconds later she was gone.

I took the stairs up when suddenly a voice from one of the rooms was heard, saying to me, "Get him back."

I returned to the room and asked who shall I bring back, the person saying this told me I should bring Rami back, because he is the owner, he is that man's master.

He was so upset and angry that he put out a knife and tried to stab me, I pulled back and stopped him.

The strangest thing happened before I entered the hypnosis, I saw a county jail in Arizona and the date was at that time February the 17th 1998... I wonder...

Symbols everywhere

Date: October the 23rd

Year: 1996

I was at home, Aldarow and Rami were in my house as well, and all of us were in my room, this time I meditated, but with intention to receive messages as always, cosmic messages.

There were many statues everywhere around, Indian statues, perhaps, gods, or heroes from the past of a specific civilization.

I felt some sort of pressure of spirits that tried to block me, block my way to the knowledge and the messages, but I managed to see Rami taken away by Indians, I turned him into an animal, so he could escape and run fast to free himself from the danger.

In the room, Aldarow felt the wind on his forehead, when outside was no wind...

New people

Date: December the 14th

Year: 1996

I entered the hypnosis when I guided myself to the temple as I always do, when something blocked me, I saw UFOs everywhere and later on an image of a man in front of me, every time I spoke, he spoke the same as I did.

A woman came also, out of nowhere, and handed me a book, the name of the book was "Republic and Democracy."

Inside the book was a photo of a plane, a combat plane, on the same page was written that on the year of 2004 the way two countries today rule, will change: Greece and Argentina.

The woman approached me and said: "Believe me."

Instantly, I opened my eyes.

More messages to come

Date: December the 21st

Year: 1996

The last hypnosis of the year 1996.

The day before I was abducted by aliens, as you can read in our Aliens section in this site. Me and Aldarow decided to do the hypnosis, a day after and see what will come along... and so we did...

After entering the hypnosis I saw a book filled with a lot of dates, the name of the book was "Time."

I decided to look at the year 1995, to see if there was something there indicating the year before, something that happened but we didn't know about. The same page I opened said: "The government of Japan is falling with the years."

The year 2004 said the countries Argentina and Greece change the way they rule the countries today.

Another message I received was that this book is divided by categories and not by years, I looked at the section of "Politics and what's around it."

Well, folks, this is it for this this year... but you should look forward to 1997... I guarantee!

1997 - Even Bigger

Alex... Rinor...?

Date: January the 4th

Year: 1997

We started the new year with something different, something that was new and positive.

I was in my hypnosis state, Alex was in front of me, sitting on his chair, but this time he was also a part of this hypnosis, other than a guide, he was also the one to ask the questions... therefore, I'll translate it the way it was, a dialogue between us during my hypnosis.

Alex: "What do you see?"

Rinor: "A light."

Alex: "A white light?"

Rinor: "Yes."

Alex: "Can you move towards the light?"

Rinor: "No."

Alex: "Is there anyone else there?"

Rinor: "There's me."

Alex: "What are you doing at this moment?"

Rinor: "Nothing."

Alex: "Is the light still in front of you?"

Rinor: "No."

Alex: "So then, what do see? What do you see?"

Rinor: "Just too much light."

Alex: "Similar to a surgery room?"

Rinor: "No."

Alex: "Is this light has a name?"

Rinor: "No."

Alex: "What do you feel?"

Rinor: "A spacecraft."

Alex: "Can you describe it?"

Rinor: "No."

An exit.

Rinor: "Everything is erased."

Alex: "Did you say a space craft?"

Rinor: "Yes, they erased all memory, all information, there is no way of bringing it back through hypnosis."

The spacecraft I saw in my hypnosis landed in the middle of a big circle, its center went down with the space craft, to a lower floor. From there I was moved to the metal table I laid on during my abduction.

This was perhaps the part I could not remember from my abduction, which now came to me during my hypnosis and the dialogue with Alex.


Date: February the 15th

Year: 1997

I saw the skies, and each time they opened and closed by themselves, each time they were open, the color of the sky was red, as if blood or red wine filled the whole sky.

The Eighth Line

Note: The Jewish symbol is a star, and if you didn't notice, there is only one line missing to make it a star.

Evil is back!

Date: March the 22nd

Year: 1997

My temple, I saw it again, but this time it was different, and the feeling was that it was haunted by evil.

It seems evil has entered my sacred place, and rituals have been made there, the feeling was bad, and as time went on, it got worse...

I can't control it

Date: April the 5th

Year: 1997

It was night, I was at my room and prepared to go to bed, and sleep, one hypnosis today, the first one since evil entered the temple.

As I closed my eyes I saw many faces and images flickering in my mind, faces and lights, colored. I felt something entering my body, something powerful, and it was inside of me, with its pressure on my body. Suddenly I've opened my eyes and my face seemed as if I was an angry wolf, I could not fight it, tried to think what's going on, but I was out, I wasn't in control, neither of the body, nor of the mind.

I knew who I was, but couldn't resist it. The possession lasted five to eight seconds... and with that scary thought, I went back to sleep, and woke up normally.

New Scrolls

Date: April the 5th

Year: 1997

The same day the possession happened, I take you back to morning time, when the hypnosis took place, and there were more scrolls to come, new scrolls:

1) Silence of the night

2) Noise of the public

3) Eighteen prayers

4) A visit from the sky

5) Silence of noise

6) Life and death

7) A light from the sky

8) The laugh of evil

9) Unknown

10) Unknown

Silence of the night

Forgive for sin not by me

Forgive for darkness not in me

Forgive for this noisy night

The prophet I saw is dead, dead, dead, dead

Everything is black, evil, burning

Sun, moon, and even shadows

What more is left to say

Come and see the cruel death.

Eighteen prayers

... (to be continued)

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