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Apartment 13

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

It was amazing, the way it came to me, a message that said it all in one bright moment. I was under the effect of hypnosis that day, but saw nothing, no message came to me that time, I was disappointed and woke up to reality, the moment I opened my eyes, my head got hurt for a while and the message came, someone who called himself "The second half" said I need to rescue and save him from where I had left him, when he also mentioned something about apartment 13. Nothing was clear to me but I wrote down everything I understood. The next day I have visited Aldarow, when both of us tried to analyze the message. I had this feeling that the message regards to my past, so me and Aldarow went to my past, the place I had lived in my childhood and suddenly we saw 13. Every apartment in the building has its own mail box and the mail boxes were at their places, nothing wrong with that, all the mail boxes had numbers on them, says to which apartment the mail boxes belong, one mail box did not have its number on it... mail box to apartment number 13.

We have been watching the apartment and the mail box for 2 weeks, to see if anything strange, unusual happens, nothing. The building with the missing 13 number on the mail box was the same building I had lived in my past, we tried to analyze the message again, figure up who the "second half" is, save him from what, but we couldn't. The main scroll had it all in it, written in black and white and we missed it:

"The second half will show up

And the first will be the savior."

The second half showed up during the hypnosis, so who is the first half?

And the answer was now clear: The second half showed up as it was written in the main scroll, the mail box to apartment number 13 did not had its number 13 on it, and as you now about to read it, our main hypnosis and paranormal experiences take place in other apartment which its number is also 13. So we had it all and finally we understood we is the first half and save the second half from what, the building with the missing mail box number was my childhood building too, the place where I had lived my childhood and when I left that place I left a part of me there too, that was the second half that left there, I was the first half and to save the second half I had to return to my past and face it one more time, close the circle, now everthing was complete.

But if you wonder, mail box number 13 still don't have its number on it, the number to apartment 13...

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