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Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

Guilty all the way

Guilty, try to understand

Here it is...



Guilty all the way

I want us all to think

Bring our minds together and think

What is really that we saw?

Was it imagination?

Or was it our creation?

Try and walk this road

This road you've walked before

How does it feel?

Is it safe?

Or is it not?

Is it happiness?

Or is it fear?

Oh dear

Where is now?

Run away and left us behind

Did we trust it?

Did we relay on it?

What is it that we did?

Now we all live in fear

Looking around every step

Afraid it will come back

But from where?


A town that was happy and peaceful

Now is a town hunted by feelings

Feelings of the people who created it

Where is it now?

Should we know?

Should we fear?

Let us all think

Let us pray

We are guilty

Guilty all the way

Silence and no more

Even the waves are short from the shore

It is not human

Is it a demon?

Is it evil?

Let us think

Let us pray

We are guilty

We made it

What it is today...



Guilty, try to understand

Thunder, thunder everywhere

Here, there, where?

Confused, that's what you are

Came all this way from down there... far

Now you want to know what's wrong

We cannot tell

It is silent now, not even a single bell

I know you are mad

But hold on or else you're dead...

We did something here

Oh, it's horrible, dear

We couldn't stop it, not now

Not ever

Now we are guilty forever

Soon the whole country will realize

They'll fear it

They'll smell it

They'll try to stop it and won't be shy

But... they'll die...

Silence will rule again

The feeling of the sun won't ever be the same

We are to blame

We were curious

And we had no idea where we came

Now, years after

Silence rules and voices everywhere

It is laughter

We were wrong

We were foolish

But now we rest up there

It was mad

We are dead...



Here it is...

Back to the past

Where I left my soul

Now it's my time to collect

I am the last

I heard noises

I saw the dust

People screamed we have had to run


I stayed there

Hide my body somewhere

I saw it

I feared

I cried

It came out of nowhere

Walked its way, maybe flew

But it was there


Oh, dear

We cannot fight it

It is huge

It is big

It is Cthulhu's seed!

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